Metal Print Options

About Metal Prints

Our Metal Prints show off vibrant colors in a way no other medium can!

Metal Prints give your home decor an ultra-modern feel. Brighten up any home or workspace with a sleek, stylish piece of art. No matter where they are displayed, metal prints will steal the show!

White vs Clear Base

White base Metal Prints take bright vivid colors to the next level. Recommended especially for landscape shots. White base is the most popular metal product and the best way to achieve vibrant skin tones on metal.

Clear Base Metal Prints show the raw brushed metal through your image. This makes more industrial subject such as cars, motorcycles and cityscapes look incredible!

Whcc Metal Prints White Base High Gloss Detail

High Gloss Finish

White Base

A luminous base with reflective finish. Everything looks great on this sleek surface.

Semi-gloss Finish

White Base

A slightly reflective finish that shows rich colors and pairs well with all types pf photography.

Whcc Metal Prints White Base Semi Gloss Detail 1
Whcc Metal Prints White Base Matte Detail 1

Matte Finish

White Base

Offers the vibrancy you love in Metal Print without the reflective shine. This opaque, satiny surface makes your colors pop.

High Gloss Finish

Clear Base

Shiny, reflective quality with a more metallic, translucent look.

Whcc Metal Prints Clear Base High Gloss Detail
Whcc Metal Prints Clear Base Matte Detail

Matte Finish

Clear Base

Non-reflective surface that maintains the metallic look without the shine.

Hanging and Display Options

We offer several easy hanging hardware options and print display styles that enhance the look of your Metal Prints.

Whcc Float Mount Hanging Hardware

Float Mount

Create a modern unframed look that gives your Metal Print the appearance of floating ¾" from the wall. Float Mount includes a gatorboard block with a sawtooth metal bracket for easy hanging and is one of our most durable backing options. Recommend for large Metal Prints.

Whcc Inset Metal Frame Hanging Hardware

Inset Metal frame

Inset Metal Frames provide a modern, unframed look. The black metal frame is set in from the print’s edge and finished with a wire hanger. Available for large Metal Print sizes in 1-5/16" depth.

Whcc Metal Posts Hanging Hardware

Metal Posts

Showcase your art by displaying it with sleek Metal Posts for a contemporary finish. Metal Posts hang in each corner with pre-drilled holes. Important: keep key imagery and text at least 2” away from the corners.

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